LINQ Promotions Pty Ltd  has been in business since 2005. (ACN: 152 358 042)

We are an established experiential support agency assisting clients with the Creative, the Planning & the Execution of below the line marketing initiatives

Over the years we have worked with numerous clients across numerous industries to deliver results and solutions to achieve varying sales & marketing goals.

Our Creative & Planning support process is underpinned by our core Execution services:

We have worked across multiple disciplines, from National Brand Promotions to Corporate Events, Trade Shows to PR Stunts, Store Openings to Road Shows, Social Media Initiatives to Data Capture campaigns  ...and so much more...

So, If you have any events or marketing initiatives coming up please feel free to get in touch with the Directors at LINQ Promotions any time.

We welcome new challenges! We would relish the opportunity to work with you on your next activity!

Experiential Marketing

“A memorable experience that focuses on creating an emotional connection between the consumer and the brand”

Event Marketing

“A themed activity, display or exhibit to promote a product, service or brand”

promotional marketing

“Activities which communicate the product, brand or service to the consumer.  Main focus is to make people 'aware' of the product, brand or service”

guerilla marketing

“Unconventional interactions to promote a product brand or service. The technique focuses on smaller groups that are responsible for communicating a message in a particular location