Specialist Brand Teams

LINQ Promotions began life back in 2005 as a National Promotional Staffing Agency.

Over the years we have supplied brand teams & brand ambassadors for countless events & marketing activations across numerous industries..from street teams to trade shows, corporate hostessing to logistics crews, event managers to costume characters...and so much more...

We have built and nurtured a national database reaching over 6,000 promotional candidates across the country.

Our focus has always been to provide our clients with the most reliable, enthusiastic and hardest working brand ambassadors in the industry.

What we have learnt this past 10 years is that quality is key. Being able to guarantee clients the best people is not always an easy task and if we are honest, not always possible. Therefore in 2016, LINQ Promotions took a big step, we restructured the business which included changing our approach when it comes to providing brand ambassadors for our clients.

We have reviewed our extensive national database and we have literally picked out the cream of the crop, the Top performing 50 brand ambassadors in each state.

Our Objective:  

  • To 'guarantee' our clients that we will 'only' supply the industries best people, & best brand teams.
  • To minimise risk: We will only supply tried and tested brand ambassadors, people who have proven their worth time and time again, people who communicate well and people who most of all, enjoy what they do.


At LINQ we recognise that 'everyone' plays an important role in contributing towards making an activation, or campaign or an event a success. People are important to us - We want to help and support the people we work with, be it our clients, our staff, our brand ambassadors or our suppliers...  Our Purpose - "To make the lives of the people we work with that little bit easier".